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Susan ...253-321-4295 / 253-766-1633
I prefer initial contact to be made via email but if that isn't possible,  then please call and if I am not available, I will return your call as soon as I can.
I do not have a formal adoption form but I do have a list of questions that are important to have answers to before I consider people as suitable puppy parents.
Pricing Guidelines: 
Waiting List and Deposits:  A deposit of $250 is required to hold a specific puppy.   Please be certain that you are ready for a puppy because deposits are NON refundable.  They can be applied to a future puppy however.  You may be added to our waiting list to be notified and
picks will be given in order of deposits received.  Breeder always gets first pick.
Shipping: As of November1,2013....we will no longer ship our
pups.  We can deliver to most parts of Oregon or meet part way. 

Standard Size (at maturity)
13-16 lbs..................... $1000 to $1200
Small Standard
9-12 lbs......................$1000to $1500
Imperial Size
6 to 8 lbs.................... $1200 to $1500
Tiny Imperial
5 lbs and under.............. $1500 to $2500

Prices have been raised due to expenses and more in line with what other reputable breeders are charging.  Some discounts may apply.
Prices will vary for color and quality. 
Prices stated are for limited AKC registration.
Full Registration or breeding rights will be granted on an
individual basis, at my discretion and at a minimum of an additional $500 for Standards up to double the price for Imperials with outstanding pedigrees and  coloring.

FYI:  It is against the law in WA State to sell puppies without a business license and the collection of Sales Tax.